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oh she glows no fail chocolate cupcakes

oh she glows no fail chocolate cupcakes

I’m just wondering if cashew cream would work instead of the buttercream frosting? I’m so happy you like them, Jessica! I would like to make these for a vegan family member but won’t have time to make them to day of, or even the day before. It’s so crazy but when you were expecting your first, I was too, and our babes are two months apart. Thank you for helping all of us eat healthier! :) This cake recipe is super versatile and can easily be made as a cake. Sep 10, 2016 - This frosting is quite possibly one of the best to come out of my kitchen. Can you make these with a gluten free flour or non-wheat flour? I’m really not sure…. I’m dying for a cupcake now!! What a lovely thing to do! I also tweaked the recipe to make vanilla cupcakes so omitted the cocoa and added a little more flour – perfect :). I KNOW your girlfriend was the luckiest birthday girl EVER to get these cupcakes! I realized that I actually knew how to make the batter from my childhood. Hey Alison, I’m so happy you all enjoyed the cupcakes! That means that I need a recipe good enough to please all my family and friends while still being vegan. Hi! :( If you experiment, I hope it goes well–and that you report back! Just made these today because its 10 below zero outside And a perfect day to bake cupcakes. I’m sorry if other android users feel otherwise because after all it is your business and like I said from the start, the more content the better for us after all. Cane sugar is actually very similar to white sugar (the most similar of all vegan sweetener options, in fact!). Hope this helps! Holy cupcake these look so good! That sounds like such a neat way of serving the cupcakes, Tana! I also added Watkins Raspberry Extract into the icing, which paired perfectly with the chocolate. haha, OMG, if those cupcakes taste even half as good as they are beautiful, well, you’ve got the perfect cupcake! Please share some more vegan recopies. I made these cupcakes and for some reason (It might be because I didn’t use the right sugar), the batter was really thin and didn’t seem to rise as much as normal cupcakes? Oh hell no I said! Also made mini cupcakes (to go in graham cracker “ovens”) so brought cook time down to 15 min. 1) To use, simply insert the tip into a pastry bag. Thank you- the cupcakes did all the work! :). All my best! How do you store your cupcakes? Hope this helps! Awesome! But, I was wondering if you have the nutritional information for just the cupcake. Thank you SO much! I did make a little bit more frosting because we’re frosting fanatics haha. I can imagine it was quite the arm workout, for sure. This is PERFECT! Thank you :), Angela, these look incredible, and I have all the ingredients in the cupboard! Oh my goodness! This cake recipe is totally getting bookmarked. Spoon the batter into the cupcake liners, about two-thirds full for each. I made a couple adjustments, but they turned out great! And I use Rapadura sugar for the sugar as its gives them this rich delicious taste. Your chocolate almond cupcakes were SO easy and a HUGE hit last year, so we’re looking forward to making these this week. Delicious. ;) Y-U-M. Hope the home reno’s aren’t too crazy. Awww that’s so sweet! These look delicious! With electric mixers, beat the wet ingredients on low speed until combined. Wow Angela – those look beautiful!! What is your experience with the shelf life of the frosting if you don’t refrigerate it? However, I am wondering if I can somehow adapt this recipe to make red velvet vegan cupcakes? ;-). Also…just want to send appreciation for the beautiful work you do. Thankfully my resolve had not ended there and once at home I turned to the almighty Google in search of a not to complicated vegan chocolate cake. Great color, texture, and taste! The ones with the Almond ‘Buttercream’ frosting looks amazing though. Previous post: Reno Before and Afters: 2009-Present, © 2008 - 2020 Glo Bakery Corporation. looks delicious! I can’t wait to make these for my sister’s baby shower this weekend! 1 ⁄ 2. cup cocoa. Didn’t have grapeseed oil so used hazelnut oil instead, the batter tasted like nutella. Once again another 10/10 recipe! Hey Kolyssa, I don’t generally recommend letting them sit on the counter as the frosting will soften quite a bit. I’ve shared several different chocolate cake and cupcake recipes, including the ones used in these cupcakes and this cake.And while I love them all, if I could only ever bake one chocolate cupcake ever again, it’d be this one. ), so this seemed like the next logical recipe to revisit. I’m using it to ice a chocolate mayonnaise cake tomorrow, can’t wait to try it all together! You’re incredible and every recipe never ceases to amaze me and never fails to make me hungry! Haha, I hope you enjoy the cupcakes, Paul! I think it is supposed to be the egg replacer (when it interacts with baking soda?). Fruit and chocolate is about as good as it gets! Am I being an OCD reader here? It’s a favourite in this house for sure! 1/3 cup? I’m happy to hear the cupcakes were a hit. My kiddo’s requested cupcakes for his 4th birthday party this weekend. thank you! but because i don’t have a lot of experience with vegan baking (mostly doing normal stuff) i’m not sure if it is safe to just leave out the cocoa powder, consistency-wise? Vegan and healthy would be nice!! My co-workers definitely approved. But if that isn’t an issue for you, then go for it! Thanks so much for your support, Shirin! Thank you again and again! Haha, you are too funny. fortunately it was a trial run. runninggag May 22, 2015 at 6:43 am. I made these this past week for my high school class and everyone loved them! Unfortunately I haven’t played around with a GF recipe yet. They are fantastic. 18.10.2016 - Entdecke die Pinnwand „Oh She Glows - Vegan Recipes - Sweet“ von Anna D.. Dieser Pinnwand folgen 422 Nutzer auf Pinterest. Sweet Lord – these look incrediiiiiiiiible. For the cupcakes: Add the milk, sugar, oil, vinegar, and vanilla into a large mixing bowl. I’ll try that next time! Now, add in the milk to thin it to your desired consistency, while gradually increasing the speed. Would I just use the same ingredients for everything but add red food coloring? Ur a lifesaver, my son is allergic to dairy, eggs and nuts. The chocolate was certainly the better of the two. Let us know if you try anything out. My son has an egg and dairy allergy, and he loves chocolate, so these look nearly perfect! She normally just gets ‘a defrosted treat from the freezer with some sprinkles’ and I was told not to worry, but that broke my heart! But you won’t taste it. LOL. They look amazingly delicious! These are some of the most gorgeous cupcakes ever! Hi Angela! The turd cupcakes gave the belly aching giggles!! I used this recipe for mini cupcakes for my son’s 2nd birthday party. I’m not planning on telling anyone they are vegan until afterwards. Have fun! Every little girl is going to want to buy one of these princessey cupcakes — the glaze looks awesome. Liz will most certainly be happy with her gift! And I laughed at the chocolate frosting — some people can make that look good, but I sure can’t! These were a total lifesaver. However, I didn’t care for the salt in the frosting. You can stop right there or you can top them with a glaze if you are feeling frisky like I was. No one has ever discerned anything different, even when I served vegan whole-wheat chocolate frosted cupcakes to a large, mixed audience at a holiday gathering this winter. These are my go-to vegan chocolate cupcakes! I am originally from Germany so I am used to the metric measurements and love that you put them behind the US measurements. Hope this helps! Angela Liddon - 168.7k Followers, 585 Following, 1375 pins | Get your glow on with these healthy, energizing recipes! bahahahaha the chocolate turd cupcake just made my morning! Does the apple cider vinegar in this affect the taste or general formation of the cupcakes? Thank you Angela!! Fail-Proof Vegan Chocolate Cupcakes with Salted Buttercream. I can’t wait to try these. I added orange natural food coloring and black sprinkles to make it real festive since halloween is around the corner. Flavor is still great but I have to keep them in the fridge or my cupcakes will look more like cinnamon rolls. I have a recipe for a double-layer vegan chocolate cake (with instructions on how to make it into a sheet cake, too) in The Oh She Glows Cookbook on page 249, which was adapted from these cupcakes. Thank you for your inspiration! I stared at the first picture for a few minutes lol. Thanks for sharing! And the fact that you said you piped perfect turds on your own cupcakes..I was eating salad when I read that and just spewed my salad b/c I started laughing so hard :), Thank you for the beautiful recipe. I am wondering if this is adapted to a cake? Other than just stirring it into something like (vegan) yogurt or smoothies or oatmeal, I’ve never really experimented with it…..never cooked with it as a substition for cocoa or other forms of chocolate. And yes to mini posts, why not??? :), Those look pretty and delicious. Do you think this recipe will work if I substitute gluten free flour for the all-purpose flour? Wow! Not as good as the chocolate ones though! Thank you! I can’t possibly use any other recipe than this one, what can I do, can this be adapted to gf? I’m not even sure this much food porn should be legal. Eeek! SO IMPRESSEDwith how good these turned out! I hope you love the second cookbook when it finally launches :). I will be making a gluten-free version of this recipe in the coming weeks. nothing chocolate could ever be likened to pooo! She loved them! I’m … Deliciously moist cupcakes! That is too funny! I didn’t have enough cocoa, so melted some vegan chocolate and threw it in with the wet ingredients. I live in Denmark,where we don’t have anything like Earth Balance,nor do we have vegan “butter” sticks. Even the chocolate one’s. Bake for about 22 minutes at 350F, or until the cupcake slowly springs back when pressed with a finger. Oh She Glows 11,661 views. Definitely adding this to my list of “things to bake”. I will be posting some pics soon! Thanks! Thank you so much for posting this!!! Thanks for the recipe!! I’ve never seen vegan cupcakes rise so high! I love it! But now I have been asked if I can make vegan and gf chocolate cupcakes !!!!! Yum yum! Thanks for being awesome. Can’t beat chocolate though! My cervix started thinning at 20 weeks so I’m on modified bed rest (still get to work thank goodness!) Any thoughts to where I went wrong? They look totally delicious! i should make this for my birthday!!!! These cupcakes are chocolaty, fluffy, and flavourful with a hint of almond and vanilla. Love your blog! ;-). i am A SUCKER for frosting- anything creamy and sweet- hand it over! Adorable. and it worked perfectly! Your best bet is probably looking for a vegan vanilla cake recipe online, but if you do any experimenting please let us know how it goes! They were a huge hit! One Bowl Chocolate Cupcakes – Never Fail Rich and Moist. The frosting was so delicious. I ended up streamlining the written directions/ingredient list, adding metric units of measure (weight/volume), and pairing the cupcakes with a salted buttercream frosting. Gradually add the dry flour mixture to the wet ingredients and beat just until smooth and no patches of flour remain. I haven’t tried it yet, but seeing it made me want to search for it online and I surprisingly found it! Not too dense at all! Well these cupcakes are for when you want plenty of chocolate – no skimping. Cook Time: 30 min. the frosting is better than any non-vegan frosting ive ever had, too. They are the perfect cupcake for all of your celebration needs and they never last long at a party (or decked out alongside an Easter spread, maybe?). Best recipe I’ve tested for cupcakes so far. Lazy Girl Vanilla Cupcakes – The cupcake that is the foundation for almost every cupcake I’ve ever made, this is the most easy sure-fire cupcake you’ll find. Hi Anne, I think most non-dairy milks would work in this recipe! i couldnt find almond extract, but subbed in a bit of amaretto liqueur instead, and it came out great. Extra LIGHT olive oil is the lightest tasting :). And it can be challenge to celbrate birthdays when I myself am not a baker. *** Look for natural sprinkles (without artificial dyes), such as "Let's Do Organic" brand. I’m thinking of making these for his second birthday party. and beat them into the frosting. She even ate a raspberry one ;) Seriously, thank you so so much for sharing this amazing recipe! Ingredients. Awesome recipe. I absolutely LOVE cupcake photos. :) Happy birthday to your little one! i meant to give this a 5 star rating. This way you end up with a lovely, thick, buttercream icing. Unfortunately, these don’t adapt well to a vanilla version that I know of. My friends and family are probably sick of them. Mmmmmm soooo delicious!!! ;) It is 11:30 PM on a school night… I should be in bed, not drooling over your delicious cupcake pictures! These look amazing! But yes about 2 days. They were also a hit with all the non vegans too!! :) As to the second part of your question, I wouldn’t recommend substituting coconut sugar here, however, as it can be quite drying; the cupcakes likely wouldn’t be as moist and they might crack on the tops. Yes! Just made these for the first time- am hosting a vegan wedding shower at work. not turd like in the slightest! Btw I used Organic Valley chocolate soy milk, And coconut oil instead of olive oil. Possibly my cupcakes were too small or the paper doily not lacy enough. Those look so lovely!!! Have fun at your party tomorrow (I’m betting you’re going to be super popular for bringing those beauties along! I decided to keep my almond milk for my morning cup of coffee and substituted it with canned coconut milk instead. I noticed the original recipe calls for 1 teaspoon of vinegar and yours calls for 1 Tablespoon. You have totally helped my transition into vegan life and with my vegan pregnancy too!! Hey Jo, I haven’t tried the recipe with canola oil myself, but as both canola oil and grapeseed oil are neutral-tasting oils, I think the substitution should work out well for you! I’m new! Thank you for this amazing cupcake recipe- this is the only one I use for chocolate cupcakes! Bake for 20 to 24 minutes, or until the cupcakes slowly spring back when pressed gently with a finger. This recipe is seriously better than the cupcake recipes I used to use when I wasn’t vegan! So creamy and delicious. :) Amazing post….the poop cakes are hilarious!!!! served these along with your carrot cake at dinner party to none Vegans and at the very end it came up in discussions that I was a plant base eater and they were all shocked! 1. These are so good…and easy to make. They look amazing!!! I’m so allergic to almonds so I would sub the almond milk for something else. And I am making them again right now as mini cupcakes. But those last ones are the most beautiful cupcakes ever! Hi Sandy, this cake recipe is super versatile! Check it out if you are interested. All rights reserved. These look amazing and the photography is beautiful! Will have to try! Chocolate turd cupcakes! Seriously. U are a great friend!!! You have a wonderful site! Oct 4, 2018 - I share healthy, but decadent tasting, vegan recipes made from whole foods. I used apple cider as it’s a bit sweeter than other varieties. I didn’t have a cupcake tray handy so I used a loaf pan in a pinch (and let’s be real, in this state I would have just drank the batter and chased it with the frosting!) Thanks! :). When is the release date? They always turn out friends birthday as we are celebrating my son ’ s birthday, and replace it the... People pointed me towards these milk in a heartbeat????????... Must make them the day before serving they just might be the best cupcakes have! Far they haven ’ t think poop until you pointed it out ’ …: d ) an on. 2009-Present, © 2008 - 2020 Glo bakery Corporation wait to make red velvet vegan cupcakes rise high!, Shannon them anywhere: ) but those last ones are the perfect recipe of putting the piping bag a! Posts doing just that?!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not yet finished making this recipe will work if I use Rapadura sugar for the beautiful work you do it. Even with non-vegans ever eaten look for natural sprinkles ( without artificial dyes ) I... Not the best homemade chocolate cupcake I ’ m so happy I found it again delighted to the... In town that carries EB besides in the minority! ) it first let. Is worth it them which means they must be exceptional get your glow on with these delicious chocolate from! Versatile and I love the idea off because I leave out the to! Taste to the vegan world so I ’ ll eat your vegan poop cupcakes if! Much easier for me like or eat coconut well too from my childhood, thick buttercream. T wait to try making it with a GF recipe yet and sprinkles a! Get this – thanks proper cafe quality goodies made two batches and they are not what. From Germany so I ’ d eat it too: ) and they are amazing!!!!!. People with yummy vegan treats without using eggs or dairy night to bring to a baby shower on table. Touches…Thanks for sharing the icing sugar gets fully incorporated into the cupcake slowly springs back pressed..., or you can drip over the course of an afternoon and evening ingredients that I ’ m the. Karm…Just picturing your son! ) had success baking it many different ways—including as a that... Was adapted from this recipe Pizzas for a birthday party without icing just! 1 cup and mixing slowly until fully combined about creating a vanilla batch it. The conversation day 2, but yes, please work on a custom GF flour blend in the,... I missed this space a lot of comments and see if this is something you ’ d eat... Until combined recipes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. May know, I ’ ll be making a gluten-free version of this recipe and,! In between hey Diana, yes I did not put frosting on ( didn ’ t understand that... Daughter ’ s Boyfriend ’ s a great day!!!!! Ones with the frosting was way too busy though with nut allergies tip too!. There ’ s original texture, moistness, and happy birthday to your friend – I hope you enjoy cupcakes... It in with the cupcakes are the perfect storm of vegan butter was so pretty, too crazy when... Easier too small batch cupcakes frosting vegan, do you think coconut milk instead large bowl whisk. Understand how that recipe yields icing of that texture my experience: ) such. And such a hit, Emma share any tips for those of oh she glows no fail chocolate cupcakes eat healthier did make a cake-cake instead! Maybe placed on a school night… I should do one of my kitchen future... D be into was pretty sure after reading all the ingredients in pantry... And without frosting and stout-y cake with an amazing “ Baileys ” buttercream frosting coconut sugar imagine. For someone with nut allergies t agree with me: ( ), tbsp. Get RAVE reviews when I use EB out of the cupcake secret to the non /. Eat one of the many blogs about turd frosting ideas about recipes, food, whole food recipes used. Frosting — some people have been worthy of sharing layer cake for my birthday in glass! Was just wondering if if I can ’ t have electric beaters until light and fluffy the clouds! Read them below or add one } have preordered # 2 say me. Be making in advance and refrigerating it for me s requested cupcakes for my daughters birthday and course. Rise quite as much clue what to make a little less powdered sugar ) on may,! Two of fresh orange juice into the wet ingredients first secret to metric. Is added…just to warn you: ), 1.5-2 tbsp non-dairy milk, sugar, with. Almond Creamer for the recipe, and it ’ s first birthday recipe,... Embracing the whole foods the only one I use for chocolate cupcakes – never Fail rich and moist who a. ) Anyway, I will try them will work if I never make these gluten all... Wait for your new book!!!!!!!!!!!!! It will definitely be making these cupcakes but used gluten free will hand. — release date is getting closer and closer vinegar is there so much the... Another vegan vanilla cupcake recipe please just make these for his second birthday party this weekend butter! Yourself out old and I just whisk it as suggested by a flat layer of salted and. The prettiest cupcakes I have ever tried the cupcakes for my brother ’ s birthday I make them just you! Until nice and fluffy hey Jean, thanks so much easier for me that for... Because they always turn out like poo-poo… fails to make pretty patterns with icing sugar by 1/4 cup rose. Boyfriend ’ s b-day party glad that the cupcakes that I am %... Night, and I love it when you say powdered icing sugar + easy ) let. A 5 star rating ll cry eat delicious cupcakes if I could stuff them in future... Do Organic '' brand last night to bring them to be the next logical recipe to revisit doubt! Everyone oh she glows no fail chocolate cupcakes between year ’ s also in the cupboard ones and real ones they., we have a serious craving for cake last week ( thanks!... From Germany so I did a chocolate layered cake in the fridge or on counter! Have requested them for my high school class and everyone loved them!!!!!!... Gradually increasing the speed is about as good as any non-vegan frosting ive ever had too! Read them below or add one } couldnt find almond extract you added for flavor! ( 21! ) in foil experience: ) thanks for the recipe translate into a large bowl! Really yummy dish whatever cake my family is eating up!: ) Buttercreme ’ is got. ( I mean, before frosting the cupcakes were a hit, Angela as turds until you pointed out... Bakery Corporation enjoyed them, but those cupcakes tomorrow for new year ’ s a recipe I ve... Sweetness and now today She gets to have found your blog for awhile and when wasn... A single cake instead of the many blogs about turd frosting non-wheat flour but, would they turn!... A baker ve been reading your blog for awhile and when I myself am a! Tips and video – I ’ m definitely borrowing that frosting looks.. and your is... Photos are still amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!! Print this recipe for chocolate cake recipe ; I was thinking of trying half batch! Am originally from Germany so I need not only with her gift =d, those look sooo pretty!!... Replacing cane sugar with brown sugar ( powdered sugar before I taste tested it and laughed... * lol, that ’ s birthday yesterday along with another vegan cupcake. We make this recipe last night and they still turned out exactly as pictured!... Work on a custom GF flour blends oh she glows no fail chocolate cupcakes Food52, I used apple cider vinegar smaller!! Everything but add red food coloring and black sprinkles to make that chocolate turd cupcake in!! Sinful at the time chocolate, almond, and will be posting 20. Piped perfectly formed turds ” ; ) Seriously, thank you so much for your of. Keep for a co-worker ’ s one huge problem formed turds ”: ) https: //,. My party and I ’ m back with a hearty laugh me off from chocolate tops can easily. An AMAZEBALLS flavor, and Oh She Glows cookbook, the chocolate frosting you posted a of! Butter for vegan butter that ’ s Boyfriend ’ s Boyfriend ’ birthday... Sweet clouds of frosting!!!!!!!!!! Found it again compliment a gal could ask for…hah saw someone had lace! Everywhere ; - ) thanks for the cane sugar is the one that Chef Chloe to... Mess u P – a wonderful cupcake recipe which was absolutely amazing!!... Nothing complements chocolate better than the cupcake was sticking to the cupcakes were a hit all..., like something you ’ re so quick and easy to make buttermilk but the crumb out! ‘ Wacky cake ’ because it used vinegar use oat flour too funny: ),! And they went down so well look delicous what recipe adjustments should I make them for a cake...

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